We’re looking for an incredible content creator to join our team. Ideally, we’re looking for somebody based in Europe but will consider applicants from anywhere in the world, so long as you have the right skills & the right attitude.


  • Knows Adobe Photoshop and Canva inside out, and can also design in more user-friendly spaces such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc
  • Has a sixth sense about “what works” on social media to catch people’s attention
  • Has a portfolio of relevant work to show (particularly: social media graphics, diagrams/infographics, etc).
  • Can work within existing brand guidelines, and is also able to generate innovative ideas that fit with the rest of the brand
  • Works quickly, efficiently, and has the capability to deliver a volume of work on time
  • Entrepreneurial can-do attitude with a strong sense of product quality
  • High attention to detail, able to deliver excellent consistent work
  • Can work well independently but also enjoys being part of a growing team dynamic as we scale the business
  • Can use Project Management tools (or is open to learning how to use) such as Asana, Clickup, etc
  • Can work, think and problem-solve fast and thrives in a fast-paced environment
  • Wants to join a team long-term and would much rather work behind the scenes of a brand

Examples of Projects ?

  • Social media graphics & memes for IG, IG stories, FB, etc
  • Diagram/infographic style designs
  • Social media pages you've grown or have been a part of


Here at INFJ Entrepreneur, we’re searching to bring amazing people into our team.

Led by Jamie Nudelman (a website tech expert and social media marketer), our company offers world-class courses, products, memberships and ready made social media design templates to 7500+ paying customers from over 100+ countries - entrepreneurs, experts and course creators.

Our mission is to help INFJs evolve and grow so that they can get a full grasp on what they want to attract in their life. Our focus is on the self help and personal development side.

A few OF our famous ACCOUNTS & products:


HAVE FUN ?‍♂️?‍♀️

People are far too serious with their marketing and communication. We need to encourage our audience to show up and shine. We help people be the opposite of boring.


When we value collaboration over competition, we lift ourselves by also lifting others. We want people who are not afraid to ask questions, learn different perspectives and voice their input with confidence.


There is no bashing others in order to elevate yourself. We should be kind to each other no matter what, and always do the right thing, even if no one is watching.


We need to continue to reinvent ourselves. Yes, people will copy, people will follow. We lead the way by being quick to innovate, launch, and iterate.


Results love speed. Prioritize launching over endlessly perfecting.


Work anytime, anywhere, so long as you can meet deadlines and deliver quality work. You’ll be paid monthly. We're looking for somebody who can work 20-40 hours a month to start with, but it could lead to full time in the future.

To Apply ✍️

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    We’ll be selecting our top 2-3 candidates to perform a paid test project
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