Lifestyle Tools

At the age of 16 I became interested in health and have spent the last 15 years focusing my time on how to take care of the human body. Most of my focus in this area is around enhancing lifestyle and how small daily habits, tools and choices can impact my life.

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Book List

Since 2015 I've spent time reading 100+ books and have found many of them to be beneficial with my develop as an INFJ. Not only have these helped me dive deeper into learning more about myself, but they also helped with seeking purpose and leading me to where I am today in business and in my relationship!

Jamie is a verified INFJ and the founder of Implosion Theory & @INFJ.Entrepreneur. He loves helping Introverts learn about their inner world to over come and develop themselves in the real world.

Professionally, he currently runs the operations for Viral Marketing Stars®, a social media template & marketing business he and his partner co-founded together. He also works with select clients on their web and automation strategy for their business.

Jamie enjoys getting outside into nature and making use of the time here on planet earth. He is a big fan of engineering his lifestyle and finding ways to improve health.


Gain access to tips, tricks, tools & resources that I share for INFJ personality types.